24 September 2016

Exercise isn’t exclusive, Lorna Jane

Exercise isn’t exclusive, Lorna Jane

Thank you, Lorna Jane, for perpetuating exercise exclusivity:

Activewear queen Lorna Jane Clarkson has no plan to venture into plus size clothing

[…] Lorna Jane Clarkson says there’s a good reason why she doesn’t stock a plus size range in her 200 stores across the globe. “We make the sizes that sell in our stores,” Clarkson told news.com.au.

For some, activewear is more for fit people posing on Instagram, and less for actually exercising, for all the health benefits it provides. Lorna Jane Clarkson, and her brand Lorna Jane, seems to cater to that crowd, and her recently published opinion on the issue highlights exactly what she thinks about the general public.

She says there’s a good reason she doesn’t stock a ‘plus size’ range: “We make the sizes that sell in our stores.” She claims that if there was a demand, people “…  would be walking into our store and trying on the clothes, and if they didn’t fit we would say ‘OK, we need to start making those clothes in a bigger size'”. (I wonder how her staff, embedded in an (alleged) bully-culture, would respond to such demands?)

In my opinion, she just doesn’t get it.

She’s promoting a particular image of exactly who she wants to wear her clothing, and it’s not plus size women — and for Clarkson, “plus size” is anything above a size 16. I’m not a size 16, and I for one don’t fancy going into a Lorna Jane store to try on her “XL”, only to be told I’m “… more like a size 22”. It’s intimidating, demoralising and flat out demotivating. I’m not alone in this: ask Hayley Marsden from Sydney, who found that the $250 Lorna Jane gift voucher she got with her new treadmill also came with a side-order of humiliation and defeat.

I can’t imagine there are many people who would go into a store and ask for a size they know they don’t stock. What a waste of time and effort.

So I think it’s hypocritical, at least, for Clarkson to claim she has “…this overwhelming passion to do something about [obesity], which [she’s] coped a lot of criticism for, because people don’t want to hear about it and instead they like to stick their head in the sand”, when her stores don’t stock anything that ‘obese’ people — like me — can wear.

I’m calling bullshit: Lorna Jane Clarkson doesn’t care about health, fitness, obesity, positivity. She cares about charging a premium for her products by invoking that all powerful sales technique: exclusivity.

At least we can agree on one thing: “Make health, fitness and positivity part of your life, and you will see the difference over and over.”

Just don’t expect to do it wearing stuff from Lorna Jane.

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  1. Great comments people with tunnel vision cannot see the big picture I agree totally with the fact that she is out to make money but her business sense stinks if she could understand the real world then she would realise that everyone no matter what shape or size has a right to exercise and feel comfortable in doing so personally I want to live in the real world not the pretty limited one

  2. I hate going shipping and finding out that I’m too large for everything! There are only so many pairs of “large” or “extra large” leggings I’ll try on before giving up completely.

    It’s so frustrating that sizes vary so much! What size am I now? Who knows! It depends on the brand, the cut and the fabric. I’ve got pants varying from size M to size 18! I rarely but clothes online following a few ill-fitting purchases. I’ll only buy online if it’s from a department store with a good returns policy (ie. Can I take it back to a store so I don’t have to pay expensive postage and wonder if it’ll be lost in the mail!).

    Ill-fitting clothes make you feel bad about yourself, and no one needs that!

  3. Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!

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