3 October 2016

Fundraising for photography

Fundraising for photography

The range is coming together, and we expect to start “sampling” (that is, creating one-off samples of each garment) in the next two weeks. This means I’m looking into photography and researching what’s required, as we’ll get the samples photographed and they need to look damn good. Turns out it’s quite a bit!

As seems to be “normal”, for me at least, I have no idea where to start; luckily, we have an Art Director in the family. A few (long) emails with Sarah has given me ideas, and set expectations of what it might cost: wow, a photo-shoot is expensive!

Fashion photographer $3,000
Stylist $800
Make-up and hair $500
Model $1,500
Location $500
Art direction $1,600
TOTAL $7,900

So, just shy of $8K. Of course, this is just an estimate, and to be fair Sarah suggested closer to $10K; I’m hoping to squeeze it down to $5K. (Sarah: thank you so much for your help! If only you weren’t in the UK!) We don’t have that money, so we’re running another Teespring campaign to try to raise a little capital.

I really do believe that we can make a difference for women who are intimidated by activewear stores, can’t find decent exercise gear or are simply feeling “fat-shamed” by those who think that “thigh-gap” is a prerequisite for getting out and exercising. If you agree, I’d love for you to show your support by sharing the campaign with your network.

Let’s get out there and rock our rolls!


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