29 January 2017

The items, and some rework

The items, and some rework

Okay, it’s been a while since my last update. While things have been a bit quiet over the Christmas festive period, I wanted everyone to know that we’re still moving ahead.

We have our first round of samples back! It was awesome to see my creations in the flesh: I’ve been happy with some things, not happy with others and left wondering about a few other things!

So far we haven’t shared which pieces are going to make up the first release, so now I’m happy to say there will be eight items (and each will come in sizes 14-26):

  1. Crop Top
  2. T-Shirt
  3. Tank/Singlet
  4. Mesh Tee
  5. Après (post-workout) sweater
  6. Track jacket
  7. Hoodie
  8. Tights

As mentioned, I’m getting a few small tweaks to the samples:

  • The T-Shirt – I loooove the tee. I’ve picked an organic cotton that is so lovely to touch and wear.  It has a V-neck and the sleeves are long enough to roll up (can’t go past a well-rolled sleeve!). After “battle-testing” it over the Christmas break, I can say it’s a little short — I want my roll covered, dammit! — so I’ll be adding a few more centimetres to this and the other tops.
  • The Crop Top – Back to the drawing board with this one, as the armholes are too big and the front too low. While this baby was never destined to be suitable for “high impact” exercising (think “BodyAttack”), at this stage, I’m thinking that even a downward-dog in Yoga is going to result in indecent exposure charges. We’ll fix this.
  • Materials – I’m revisiting a couple of the fabrics used e.g. the fleece for the track jacket is far too thick (hmm, perhaps there’s a market in Antarctica?) and the technical fabric for the tank is just … can you say “plastic fantastic”?

I’ve also been tackling the choice of design and colour. I initially envisioned an entirely monochrome theme — it’s in vogue — but I tend to think that, as plus-size women, we’re all a bit fed up with black and white!! I was lucky enough to catch up with my friend Suz over Christmas (she’s in marketing, hurray!) and she’s given us both inspiration and direction for the first release. I don’t want to speak too soon (and have to source fabrics), but we think the first release will have enough variety to create a base outfit that can be mixed and matched in colours that suit you. (Have a colour you love? Hate? Send us some feedback!)

This first quarter, then, I’ll be picking the new fabrics, settling on colours and design elements, then heading back to the pattern maker for the rework. We very much looking forward to a new round of samples by the end of March!

Can’t wait!


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  1. well done. you have been busy and this all sounds very positive and amazing. keep up the good work. plus i loved all the samples they were all very comfortable and nice to wear.

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